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Pamphlet: Africa Oil South Africa Corp (AOSAC) on the West Coast of South Africa BLOCK 3B/4B

Africa Oil SA Corp, Ricocure (Pty) Ltd and Azinam Limited (Joint Venture (JV) Partners) hold an Exploration Right (ER) for Block 3B/4B.  The ER was granted in 2019 and gives the JV Partners the opportunity to explore for oil and gas in this block off the West Coast of South Africa.

Exploration activities

The JV Partners intend to drill up to 5 exploration wells within a designated Area of Interest (AOI) within Block 3B/4B. The estimated timeframe for completing the physical drilling and testing of each well, is expected to be approximately three to four months. Future drilling operations will take place throughout the year, without being restricted to a specific seasonal window period.

Block 3B/4B is an area of approximately 17 581 km2 and is situated off the West Coast of South Africa. The Block is located approximately 120km west of St Helena Bay and approximately 145km south-west of Hondeklip Bay. Drilling is proposed to take place in the north and central area of the Block.

This pamphlet was developed in January 2024 to provide communities with an understanding and an update of the project and activities.

You can also access and download versions in Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

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