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Standing with Communities


Increased legal empowerment of Indigenous peoples and local communities to defend their rights, including women’s rights, to reduce environmental injustices, to participate in decision-making from local to global levels, and to hold governments, corporations and multilateral organisations accountable.

Increased organising and movement building with Indigenous peoples and local communities we work with in Africa, led by women and youth, to ensure a strong collective struggle to address the planetary crisis and for more equality, justice and protection of rights.


By 2022:

  1. Community members have increased their knowledge on relevant land and environmental laws.
  2. Community members and civil society organisation representatives have increased their capacities on legal empowerment methodologies. 
  3. Community participation in environmental decision-making laws and regulations is improved.
  4. The customary governance institutions of communities are strengthened through legal empowerment processes.
  5. Best practices on Community Environmental Legal Officers, Community Protocols and Community Auditing are documented and shared.
  6. Best practices on increasing public participation in environmental decision-making processes are developed and shared.
  7. Community campaigns on environmental justice issues across the continent are strengthened.

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