Defending Rights against Environmental and Social Impacts


A stop to fossil fuel projects, land grabs, and non-compliant extractives and infrastructure projects which harm the environment and violate the rights of Indigenous and local communities.


By 2022:

  1. Project planning, monitoring and audit processes that fail to adequately consider community views and cause social and environmental harm are challenged. 
  2. Climate-related litigation cases are built and taken forward.
  3. Environmental defenders are better protected through the African Environmental Defenders Initiative.
  4. The accountability and implementation of relevant environmental, land and climate laws by governments and corporations is enforced.
  5. Community groups and/or Community Environmental Legal Officers file complaints regarding legal violations affecting their communities.
  6. The impacts of extractive and infrastructure projects on community partners are stopped or mitigated.
  7. Land acquisitions that have failed to consider community concerns are challenged.
  8. A community solidarity fund and an environmental defenders fund are operationalised across the countries that Natural Justice works in. 

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