Affirming and Securing Rights to Lands, Resources and Knowledge


Increased and secure control by Indigenous peoples and local communities over their lands, ecosystems and traditional knowledge, leading to increased community agency and resilience, and providing alternatives, solutions and adaptation to the planetary crisis.


By 2022:

  1. Community partners have increased secure rights over their lands, territories and/or natural resources.
  2. More ICCAs (Indigenous Peoples and Community Conserved Territories and Areas) are legally recognised and governed by custodian communities.
  3. The participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in the governance of protected areas has improved.
  4. An increased number of communities receive equitable benefits from the utilisation of their traditional knowledge and/or biological resources.
  5. Systems to protect traditional knowledge are developed and accessible to Indigenous peoples and local communities.
  6. The traditional knowledge, practices, governance systems and rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities are recognised and included in national climate strategies and policies.
  7. Human rights are taken into account in the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework under the Convention on Biological Diversity. 

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