Legal Submissions

First Assessment and Review of the Effectiveness of the Nagoya Protocol (CBD)

This is a submission in response to the notification SCBD/SPS/DC/VN/BG/JR/86908 regarding Contribution to the first Assessment and Review of the Effectiveness of the Nagoya Protocol. Specifically, it responds to the invitation for:

(b) Indigenous peoples and local communities and relevant organisations to provide information on customary laws and the development of community protocols and procedures in relation to access to traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilization of such knowledge.

The document is a joint submission by Natural Justice and the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, with contributions from ONG CESAREN (Cercle de Sauvegarde des Ressources Naturelles, Benin). It provides examples of, and lessons learned from, several community protocol processes, and one case of a PIC process without a community protocol, that these institutions supported in Africa in the context of ABS since the adoption of the Nagoya Protocol.