Community-Company Engagements

The extractive industries’ including mining, oil and gas, has had and continues to have, large-scale and systemic impacts on indigenous peoples and local communities that live on or near such projects. It is often the choice of indigenous peoples and local communities around the world to resist the entry of extractive industries on to their lands, based on the well-known history of gross violations of the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities as a result of mining activities. While there are various means of fighting these injustices, these methods do not seek to address a root of the problem, being the imbalance that exists between companies and communities1 and the lack of engagement prior to, during and in the finalization of such activities. The purpose of this research is to establish some of the building blocks for good community-company engagement, to level the playing field between stakeholders in order to amplify community voice that may help to avoid the disastrous impacts often associated with mining industries.

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