Ulu Papar Community Congress


Harry Jonas attended a Community Congress focusing on biocultural diversity from the 18-22 of April. The Congress was hosted by the communities of Ulu Papar, held in Buayan and organized by the Global Diversity Foundation’s community researchers. It was attended by a range of community members, including from Batu Puteh, Kudat and the Kinabalu area.

Over the two main days of work, community representatives, NGOs and Sabah Parks representatives engaged in a number of sessions including on indigenous and community conserved areas, medicinal plants, community-based tourism, agriculture and tree planting, land issues, traditional knowledge, customary law (tagal), and the development of Ulu Papar. Community members also developed a draft resolution that among other things references the Ulu Papar Biocultural Community Protocol. In addition to the work, participants enjoyed Kampung Buayan’s hospitality and good food, played football (Kg Buayan triumphed!), engaged in cultural performances and sang songs together. Harry thanks Pastor Julius and Irene for putting him up, JKKK Albert and KK John for hosting the Congress, and GDF for the excellent organization.

View photos from the Congress here.

25 April 2012


Community Protocols

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