Report of the Second Meeting of the Asia Regional Initiative on BCPs Now Available


The report of the second meeting of the Asian Regional Initiative on Biocultural Community Protocols, held in Bangalore, India, from 18-20 February 2013, is now available. The meeting was attended by the existing Asian partners and new partners from India to discuss the potential for the growth of this initiative and the challenges faced by the existing partners in the past year. It also included many new partners from India discussing the importance and relevance of biocultural community protocols (BCPs), particularly vis-à-vis the environmental legal landscape in India. The report discusses the following broad thematic areas:
  • The relevance of BCPs in the India context;
  • To distinguish between BCPs and other tools used by communities;
  • To examine the value addition of BCPs in asserting community rights over resources; and
  • To see how organizations gathered can collaborate with Natural Justice and others.
To read the full report, please click here.

26 March 2013


Community Protocols

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