Living Convention 3rd Edition (2020) Vol I

Indigenous peoples, local communities and peasants often ask what their rights are at the international level. To address the problem of human rights being spread across a wide range of international instruments, each with its own particular focus, secretariats and signatories, Natural Justice has produced The Living Convention. The Living Convention is an accessible compendium of Indigenous peoples’, local communities’ and peasants’ international rights set out clearly and easily for easy-reading.

The third edition of the Living Convention is comprised of two volumes:

  • Volume I contains a compendium of internationally recognised rights that support the integrity and resilience of Indigenous peoples’, local communities’ and peasants’ territories and other social-ecological systems.
  • Volume II sets out the rationale and methodology of the research undertaken to develop the compendium.

The Living Convention also includes annexes. These detail the instruments reviewed, included, and excluded from the Compendium; they provide a list of relevant international and regional judgments; and they reference a number of Indigenous peoples’ declarations.

We hope this Compendium will prove useful to those communities we work with as they seek to understand and assert their rights.

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