Viewing People and Parks through a New Lens

From 18-19 June, Natural Justice attended a seminar on biocultural diversity and conservation in Sabah, Malaysia. It was the second of three seminars and part of an interactive course designed by the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and funded by the Darwin Initiative UK. The first seminar, “Reframing Our Ecology: Concepts and Debates for Research and Advocacy in Human-Environment Relationships”, took place in April.

This second seminar was facilitated by Dr. Tania Li (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto) and Dr. Richie Howitt (Department of Geography and Environment, Macquarie University). Drawing on critical academic literature, Dr. Li and Dr. Howitt guided participants through discussions of contemporary issues concerning people and parks (particularly areas of contention), scale and institutions, and intercultural environmental governance. Online discussions of additional readings will continue ahead of the third seminar in October.

20 June 2011

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