Short Film on Artisanal Fishing in Latin America


Artisanal fisherfolk in Latin America face immense challenges from overfishing and climate change. To highlight these challenges and allow young artisanal fisherfolk to share their own perspectives, Por La Mar Consorcio has developed a short film based on interviews with youth who draw their livelihoods from fishing. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Youth interviewed in the film emphasise the importance of artisanal fishing for supporting livelihoods, providing food security, nourishing cultures and creating jobs. They also consider the challenges they have faced from climate change. Finally, they consider how they can work to develop a better future for their communities.

Read more about Por La Mar Consorcio in English here and Spanish here. Find more films by Por La Mar Consorcio here.

4 September 2012


Climate Change

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