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Report: Traditional Marine Management Areas & Law and Policy

Taboo fishing area in Mangaliu, Vanuatu. Credit: Erika Techera

A new report has been released by the United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies Traditional Knowledge Initiative (UNU-IAS TKI), with the support of The Christensen Fund. Entitled “Traditional Marine Management Areas of the Pacific in the Context of National and International Law and Policy”, the report explores the many traditional systems of marine and coastal resource management that illustrate the interlinkages between biodiversity and cultural diversity in the Pacific. The full report can be downloaded here. An article on a similar topic (“Safeguarding Indigenous Bio-cultural Heritage in the South Pacific Small Island States”) by Erika Techera is published in the forthcoming IUCN-CEESP journal Policy Matters, Issue 17. It will be available shortly online.

1 October 2010

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