Submissions on the Kilifi County Environment (Regulation and Control) (Air Quality Regulations) 2018

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Natural Justice appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the Kilifi County Environment (Regulation and Control) (Air Quality Regulations) 2018 (the Draft Regulations). Please click on this link to view our submissions.

The object of these Regulations is-
(a) to protect the environment by providing reasonable measures for-
(i) The protection and enhancement of the quality of air in the Kilifi County;
(ii) The prevention of air pollution and ecological degradation; and
(iii) Securing ecologically sustainable development while promoting justifiable economic
and social development;
b) to give effect to 19 (4) of Climate Change Act, 2016
(b) generally to give effect to the Fourth Schedule, Part 2(3) of The Constitution of Kenya and
Part III of The Kilifi County Environment (Regulation and Control) Act, 2016, in order to enhance
the quality of ambient air for the sake of securing an environment that is not harmful to the
health and well-being of people.

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