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Regional and International Handbook for Environmental and Land Rights Defenders

The Human Rights, Legal and Institutional Frameworks, Protection Mechanisms and Other Resources Available for African Environmental and Land Rights Defenders at Regional and International Levels

The handbook hopes to legally empower environmental and land rights defenders (ELRDs) in African countries by informing them of their rights, legal and institutional frameworks, protection mechanisms and resources that are available at the regional and international levels. ELRDs may especially benefit from legal frameworks in cases where they experience harassment, prosecution and/or detention. By understanding the rights and the protections that are guaranteed by law, ELRDs across the continent can assert those rights and have a course of action, if need be.

This handbook can also be useful to the work of other Civil Society Organisations and Community Based Organisations in Africa who are working to support defenders in different capacities.

The handbook draws on lessons from Natural Justice’s experiences with the African Environmental Defenders Initiative, which has been instrumental in revealing key trends in the way defenders are threatened and attacked.

Available in English.

This is part of a series of Handbooks providing information for ELRDs. A specific handbook has also been published for Kenyan Defenders and Defenders from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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