Environmental Court Cases: DG Khan

Natural Justice has developed a series of summaries of significant court cases from across the world related to climate change and rights of nature. These are designed for the public, policy makers and practitioners and provide a snapshot of cases that are being brought to courts in order to advance the protection and rights of nature, including seeking ways to hold governments accountable for their international commitments to reducing carbon emissions.

D.G. Khan Cement Company v. Government of Punjab

The provincial government of Punjab issued a notification barring the construction of new cement plants or the expansion of existing cement plants in environmentally fragile zones called “Negative Areas.” A cement company owner challenged this notification on constitutional grounds, claiming that the law violated their constitutional right to freedom of trade, business, and profession under Article 18 of Pakistan’s Constitution, and also argued that the government acted in undue haste by issuing the regulation without full consideration of available scientific evidence that would go against the law.

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