Comments on the Land Court Bill (South Africa)

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services requested stakeholders and interested parties to make written submissions on the Land Court Bill [B11 – 2021] on May 26, 2021. The bill proposes that a Land Court and a Land Court of Appeal be established.

Natural Justice has read and considered the implications of the Land Court Bill and submits the following comments and recommendations to the Committee. NJ’s submission sets out a) background to the organisation and its work; b) comments on Land Court Bill and c) makes recommendations for amendments. Also, makes a request for a verbal submission.

In summary: It is clear that the process outlined in the Bill for the Land Court and Land Court of Appeal could be critical to the future success of the land reform programme. Natural Justice recommends rethinking the Bill’s provisions on the composition of the Land Claims Court, as well as giving more thought to how the Commission and the Land Claims Court can better coordinate their efforts. If the Land Court Bill, specifically the proposed provisions and recommendations by Natural Justice, is properly implemented, it may prove to be an important step toward increasing the effectiveness of land reform and alleviating socioeconomic challenges that are closely linked to unequal distribution of land and land resources.

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