Climate Action Handbook for South Africa

Climate change is not just an abstract concept or something that will happen in the future. The impacts and consequences are happening now and affecting individuals and communities around the world. When communities understand these impacts, and the law that applies to climate change, the environment and human rights, they can take climate action to affirm and defend their rights and to protect the environment.

This workbook has the following objectives:

  • To help every day people understand climate change and how it affects them and their community, currently and in the future.
  • To help them use the law to respond to climate change.
  • The second objective related to legal empowerment? The main goals of legal empowerment are to:
    Build community knowledge of the law and human rights;
    Help the community to use the law to assert human rights; and
    Help the community to shape or influence the law so that human rights are realised and respected.

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