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A handbook for Environmental and Land Rights Defenders in Kenya

Overview of the Roles and Challenges of Environmental and Land Rights Defenders, Their Constitutional and Statutory Rights and Legally Available Mechanisms for Seeking Remedies for Human Rights Violations

This handbook aims to legally empower environmental and land defenders on their rights and the range of legal protection mechanisms provided for under Constitutional and other statutory provisions in the laws of Kenya. By understanding their rights, as well as the types of protection guaranteed within the law, frontline defenders who find themselves in emergency situations will be able to assert and defend these rights by enforcing them and obtaining remedies for any violations.

It is anticipated that this handbook will be beneficial to environmental and land rights defenders who are often at the forefront in the communities’ struggles to assert, affirm and defend their rights. This includes leaders of indigenous and marginalised communities and their members who engage in environmental, climate and land rights activism in the Kenyan context to secure and protect their lands and territories of life against destruction by both private and public entities.

The handbook can also be used by individuals who work closely with communities using various methodologies such as legal empowerment approaches as a guide for training communities on how to respond to threats they encounter in the course of their work.

Available in English

This is part of a series of Handbooks providing information for ELRDs. A specific handbook has also been published for African Regional Defenders and Defenders from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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