2014-2015 Annual Report

This year was an exciting year for Natural Justice. As our report shall demonstrate, the work in our different areas has continued to grow and mature. Above all, this year has seen an increased emphasis on engaging with new fora, such as the World Bank, or our amplified engagement with new partners through the expansion of our work on infrastructure projects in Kenya. All this has been done while still remaining loyal to our existing partners at the community level, such as the Kukula Traditional Health Practitioners and the Khwe communities in the Bwabwata National Park.

Organizationally, it has been an exciting year building on new opportunities, but these have also come with their own challenges. We realized that the organization has grown to a level where there is a need to reconsider the organizational structure in order to continue being able to serve our community partners best. During the annual retreat we decided that it had become imperative to adjust the governance structure to be more efficient and flexible without compromising on oversight and collective decision-making in core matters. The Association, our organization’s principal governing body, was at this point given the mandate by staff members and the Board to develop a new structure within a period of one year which shall coincide with the next annual retreat.

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