2009 Annual Report

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This report consists of nine sections, covering all aspects of the organization’s current operation and finances.

Sections 1-5 present the project work and publications Natural Justice has undertaken this year. It sets out the projects within a programmatic framework, namely:

  • Community projects in Africa and Asia;
  • the Traditional Knowledge Commons;
  • International advocacy
  • Technical and legal advice; and
  • Publications.

Each sub-section provides an overview of the overall programme, including its future prospects, and is followed by a detailed account of the work we have undertaken.

Section 6 details our awards, Section 7 provides an overview of the organization’s finances and Section 8 provides updates on the constituent elements of Natural Justice’s governance structure and on the internship and fellowship programmes. Section 9 is an analysis of the organization’s prospects for 2010-2012.

Please note that this report, which covers our financial year (ending 28 February, 2010), contains some information already included in the 2008-2009 report.

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