Policy Brief on IPRs and Rio +20


In the aftermath of the United Nations Convention on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), Ahmed Abdel Latif of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development has prepared a policy brief entitled ‘Intellectual Property Rights and Green Technologies from Rio to Rio: An Impossible Dialogue?’ The brief considers the absence of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) out of Rio +20 relative to the 1992 Conference on Sustainable Development. It examines why common ground was not found at Rio +20.

The brief “seeks to answer these questions by examining the evolution of the global debate on IPRs and green technologies from the Earth Summit in 1992 to Rio+20. It then makes some suggestions about how to foster a more constructive dialogue on this issue in the aftermath of the Rio+20 Summit.”

The brief can be downloaded here.

16 July 2012

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