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Perspectives on Community Protocols

Natural Justice facilitated a meeting of partners to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current uses of biocultural community protocols at the COP in Nagoya. Thirteen participants, including representatives of the LIFE Network, Anthra, UNU-IAS, COMPAS Network, and Natural Justice, met to discuss and share experiences on biocultural community protocols. Participants stressed a number of points, including: ensuring intra-community participation and inter-community communication; using a range of community-level methodologies; ensuring that the process is conducted by community members and at a pace set by themselves; local NGOs can provide useful assistance; best-practice guidance and resources would be useful; community-to-community experience sharing is important; and community protocols should be reviewed over time and considered continuous processes. Natural Justice thanks all the participants and Suneetha Subramanian (UNU) for the use of UNU’s tent.

20 October 2010

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