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Dale Pascal

Senior Program Officer, East Africa Hub

Dale Onyango is a passionate advocate for environmental protection and human rights. With a
strong educational background in law, including a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University
of Nairobi and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law, Dale brings a
solid legal foundation to his work.
Currently serving as a Program Officer at Natural Justice, Dale actively engages in various
programmatic streams, including Defending Rights, Affirming Rights, and Standing with
Communities. His dedication to promoting environmental justice is evident in his commitment
to understanding the interplay between environmental law, human rights law, and effective
dispute resolution.
Driven by a desire to contribute to human development, Dale joined Natural Justice as a Legal
Fellow in August 2021. He saw this as an opportunity to utilize his skills, knowledge, and
enthusiasm for the betterment of both the environment and marginalized communities.
Dale’s approach to his work is guided by discipline and a deep belief in the transformative
power of law. With a focus on practical and dynamic solutions, he aims to make a positive
impact in the field of environmental law. His unwavering dedication and commitment to Natural
Justice’s mission enable him to effectively advocate for the rights of marginalized communities
and work towards a more just and sustainable future.
In his role as a Program Officer, Dale Onyango is an invaluable asset to Natural Justice, bringing
his expertise and passion to the organization’s mission of defending rights, affirming rights, and
standing with communities.

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