New Namati Report on Community Land Registration


Namati, in partnership with the International Development Law Organization, the Sustainable Development Institute, Centro Terro Viva, and the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda, has released ‘Protecting Community Lands and Resources: Evidence from Liberia, Mozambique and Uganda.’ The report documents the experiences of 58 communities supported by the Community Land Titling Initiative with their nations’ community land registration laws.

Through the process, communities succeeded in addressing land disputes, improved local governance, enhanced local conservation of natural resources, and strengthened the rights of women and other marginalised groups. Based on these lessons, the report concludes that community land registration efforts should include three processes: the technical work of mapping and titling community land, the peace-building process of resolving land disputes, and the establishment or strengthening of local governance mechanisms. Moving forward, Namati will use these lessons in strengthening its Community Land Protection Program.

The report’s executive summary can be found here, and the full report can be downloaded here. The press release for the report launch can be accessed here and the study’s homepage can be found here. Those interested in the work are encouraged to join the Global Legal Empowerment Network here.

29 June 2012


Governance of Lands and Natural Resources

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