New IUCN Academy e-Journal


The third issue of the IUCN Academy e-Journal, which focuses on innovations in social justice and environmental governance and was edited by Elizabeth Kirk and Alexander Paterson, is now available online. The journal includes interesting articles and country reports from scholars in more than 25 nations.

The first article, ‘Neoliberal Land Conservation and Social Justice’ by Jessica Owley, explores some of the social and economic concerns stemming from conservation easements and how they might be addressed. In ‘Environmental Justice, Social Change and Pluralism’, Jordi Jaria i Manzano interrogates underlying assumptions in the western constitutional model and searches for means to engage global and local communities in redefining concepts of social welfare and environmental justice. Finally, Michelle Scobie’s ‘Environmental Governance and Marine Governance in the Caribbean’ examines the connections between regional marine governance and social justice.

A description of the e-Journal by the editors can be found here. Download the complete e-Journal here.

20 April 2012


Governance of Lands and Natural Resources

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