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New Issue of Global Environmental Politics

The latest issue of the journal Global Environmental Politics focuses on “Climate Bandwagoning: The Impacts of Strategic Linkages for Regime Design, Maintenance and Death“. The special issue is co-edited by Sikina Jinnah (American University) and Miquel Muñoz (Boston University’s Pardee Centre) and explores issues of climate change and NGOs, biodiversity, desertification, fisheries, forests, security, and human rights. Select articles include, among others:

  • Issue-linkages to Climate Change Measured through NGO Participation in the UNFCCC;
  • Marketing Linkages: Secretariat Governance of the Climate-Biodiversity Interface;
  • Combating Ineffectiveness: Climate Change Bandwagoning and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification; and
  • Jumping on the Human Rights Bandwagon: How Rights-based Linkages Can Refocus Climate Politics

The special issue is available online, but does not have open access. If you would like to access the articles, please contact Miquel at miquel(at)

15 September 2011

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