Natural Justice Active in Montreal: Kabir Bavikatte’s Report

Kabir Bavikatte supported the African Group as its legal advisor in the negotiations within the Working Group on Article 8j and the Working Group on ABS. Specifically Kabir worked with the African Group in identifying key aspects from the report of the Expert Group on Traditional Knowledge associated with Genetic Resources to be highlighted by the Working Group on 8j and to be considered in its negotiations by the Working Group on ABS. Kabir also supported the African Group in the negotiations towards developing an Ethical Code of Conduct to Ensure Respect for the Cultural and Intellectual Heritage of Indigenous and Local Communities. During the negotiations of the Working Group on ABS, Kabir specifically supported the African Group in the negotiations relating to Compliance and Traditional Knowledge elements of the potential International Regime on ABS.

Two side events on TK Commons were hosted by Natural Justice and IDLO. The format for both was the same and Kabir presented at both. Also at the side event by Brendan Tobin, Kabir presented on Human Rights and Biocultural Protocols. Natural Justice jointly hosted it with the Irish Center for Human Rights.

23 November 2009

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