MSP Review in Wa, Ghana

Shea butter production

The Natural Justice team was hosted by the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD) for a gathering in Wa, Ghana from 18-20 June for a review of the multi-stakeholder processes (MSPs) and biocultural community protocols (BCPs) developed over the past year through the Africa BCP Initiative. The gathering began with a review of the BCPs in the process of being developed in the Africa BCP Initiative. These include BCPs in Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia and Kenya around gold mining, Shea nut conservation and production, pastoralism, land tenure, forest conservation, and traditional medicinal knowledge. Representatives from ETC Compas, GIZ and CIKOD, organisations which have supported the BCP Initiative, offered feedback on the BCP processes and results.

The gathering then reviewed MSPs conducted in Tanchara, Ghana, around gold mining, and Lamu, Kenya, around major infrastructure developments. Participants in both MSPs presented the processes and results from their MSPs and received feedback from other members of the BCP Initiative.

On the 20th, the group visited a traditional Shea nut producing community in Dafiama, Ghana which is in the process of developing a BCP. Shea pickers demonstrated the process by which Shea nuts are turned from nut to butter. The traditional leadership of the community shared their concern at the depletion of Shea trees and their enthusiasm for the BCP. It is hoped that the BCP will reduce the destruction of Shea trees from charcoal production and mining and increase the value that communities receive for the Shea that they have maintained and harvested.

22 June 2012


Community Protocols, Traditional Knowledge and Benefit Sharing

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