Who Are We
Natural Justice: Lawyers for Communities and the Environment specialises in human rights and environmental law in Africa in pursuit of both social and environmental justice. As a team of pioneering lawyers and legal experts we:

conduct comprehensive research on environmental and human rights law

support indigenous peoples and local communities and their supporting organisations

provide technical advice to governments and intergovernmental organisations

engage in key international processes
What We Do
We use the law to support communities to participate in decisions that affect their land, culture and environment.
Why we exist
For many African communities, lands and natural resources are their greatest and most reliable service providers, sustaining life, dignity and happiness. Their stewardship of the ecosystems on which they depend is also recognised as one of the most important contributions to nature conservation, with the lands and waters of indigenous peoples and local communities supporting approximately 80% of the world’s biodiversity.  
Unfortunately, the rights of these communities are often undermined by the ever-increasing demand for land and resources, negatively impacting their ways of life and degrading the environment.   
We need your support
Natural Justice uses your generous donations to fund legal support for local communities, allowing them to participate in decisions that affect the stewardship of the environments on which their livelihoods and cultures depend.