Major CBD Publication on ICCAs

The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)  has released a major new publication entitled “Recognising and Supporting Territories and Areas Conserved by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Global Overview and National Case Studies.” The publication was coordinated and edited by Ashish Kothari of Kalpavriksh with Colleen Corrigan, Aurélie Neumann, and Natural Justice’s Harry Jonas and Holly Shrumm. Harry Jonas, Holly Shrumm and Natural Justice Fellow Eli Makaegon were lead authors for Chapters 3, 4 and 6 of the report on international recognition and support of ICCAs, national level legal recognition and support, and recommendations for recognizing and supporting ICCAs.
From the Executive Summary, “there is increasing recognition that the territories and areas governed or managed by indigenous peoples and local communities contain significant levels of biodiversity (and related cultural diversity), and that the knowledge and practices of these people have contributed to conservation of ecosystem, species, and genetic diversity. This publication responds to the need for greater understanding on how to recognize and support the phenomenon of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCAs). Such a need has been voiced by those who work on conservation, indigenous and human rights, local communities, natural resource-based livelihoods and cultural issues. It also arises from the commitment of countries to recognize and support ICCAs, and the peoples and communities that govern them, as part of international conservation and human rights agreements.”
The publication incorporates past studies on ICCAs and 19 national case studies commissioned as part of a project on ICCA Recognition and Support, undertaken by the ICCA Consortium, coordinated by Kalpavriksh. It also includes key findings from reviews of international and national ICCA legislation coordinated by Natural Justice.
Download the full publication here. Reviews of national and international ICCA legislation can be found here.

12 March 2013

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