LED Lab Projects Presented

From 7-8 January 2013, the Law, Environment and Design (LED) Lab hosted presentations on projects being offered to the design students of the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology for the coming semester. Around 40 students participated in the presentations from diverse backgrounds ranging from filmmakers to textile designers. The students will be working on two projects. One will be with the Gujjar community in Alwar, living in the Sariska Tiger reserve. The other will be with the Maldhari camel breeders in Kuttchh. 
The students will embark on their first field visit from 27 January – 3 February where they will work with community members on a participatory resource mapping process with the objective of presenting it as legal evidence and as a tool for future negotiations with external stakeholders. The students will also be looking at other outcomes from this experience. At the presentations, some proposed making a documentary on the entire experience. Others suggested the creation of cognitive maps to breakdown the rights and claims over the space that they occupy. The LED Lab will commence project work on 11 January with an immersion class introducing the students to the local context. The class will be taught by Kabir Bavikatte and Arpitha Kodiveri of Natural Justice and Deepta Sateesh  from Srishti.
More information on the projects and the presentation can be found here.

9 January 2013

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