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Consultant to develop a County Climate Change Model Law

Who We Are 

Natural Justice (NJ) is an organization rooted in the struggles of communities in Africa. As a team of pioneering lawyers and legal experts, we specialize in human rights and environmental law in pursuit of social and environmental justice. 

Natural Justice strives to enhance the collective rights of people and protect the sacred relationships that indigenous peoples and local communities have with nature. Our work is informed by the values, knowledge and self-determination of the communities with whom we stand in solidarity. Through legal empowerment, research, policy influencing and litigation, and as part of coalitions and campaigns, we support communities to know the law, use the law and shape the law. Natural Justice has three main pillars: Affirming and Securing Rights to Lands, Resources and Knowledge; Defending Rights against Environmental and Social Impacts; and Standing with Communities. 

To learn more about the work of Natural Justice please refer to www.naturaljustice.org. 

NJ, in the framework of the implementation of the Dutch POWER OF VOICE Programme, in partnership with other civil society organizations, including PACJA, Oxfam Novib, FEMNET and AYC, has been awarded a grant to implement the African Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) project which covers eight countries across the African continent. The project has five components, three of which focus on strengthening the human rights framework, particularly environmental and related rights. 

The Africa Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) project seeks to ensure an inclusive and human rights-based approach to climate justice in Kenya, by seeking to build a strong movement and a network of climate actors, with a strong focus on women, youth, Indigenous People and Local communities in marginalized and climate change vulnerable counties of Kenya. The project seeks to strengthen, influence, and inspire climate justice, by creating a platform where a diverse network of actors can proactively engage in decision-making, policy influencing and developing climate narratives for the realization of broad-based change. 

Purpose of the Assignment 

Climate change has increased the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events across Kenya, causing loss of lives, diminished livelihoods, reduced crop and livestock production, and damaged infrastructure, among other adverse impacts. Climate change is likely to negatively impact the country’s future development and achievement of its vision and agenda. 

Kenya has shown its commitment to addressing climate change by the enactment of the Climate Change Act (Number 11 of 2016). This is the first climate change-dedicated legislation in Africa and provides a regulatory framework for an enhanced response to climate change. The Act is to be applied for the development, management, implementation, and regulation of mechanisms to enhance climate change resilience and low carbon development for the sustainable development of Kenya. This pathway emphasizes sustainable development and prioritizes adaptation, recognizing the importance of increasing the climate resilience of vulnerable groups, including women, youth, people with disabilities, and marginalized and minority communities. 

Part III, section 19 of the Act provides for mainstreaming climate change actions into County Government functions. The section specifically provides that a County Government shall, in performance of its functions, integrate and mainstream climate change actions, interventions and duties set out in the Act, and the National Climate Change Action Plan into various sectors. Section 19(4) provides that subject to the Act and the Constitution, a County Government may enact legislation that further defines implementation of its obligations under the Act, or other climate functions relevant to the county or such other related purposes. 

For this reason, the main purpose of this assignment is to: 

  • Develop a model climate change law, based on the provisions of the Act and Policies, for use by county governments to mainstream climate change actions into their functions.  

Who we are looking For 

The successful candidate will plan, conduct research of high quality and develop an output in line with the specific purpose set out above. The ideal consultant will therefore have a demonstrable track record of conducting similar research and reviews. 

They will also have: 

ShapeA minimum of a master’s degree in environmental law, human rights, environmental policy, sustainable development, or any other related field. 

ShapeGood knowledge of climate justice concepts as well as the socio-political and legal dynamics around it. 

ShapeHave at least 10 years of professional experience in the environmental field and/or 5 years in the field of climate change. 

ShapeStrong writing and organizational skills 

ShapeThorough knowledge of the policies and laws governing climate change in Kenya 

Proficiency in qualitative analysis and report writing. 

Timelines for submission of the report 

We want the analysis to commence immediately. Offers including a proposed timeline, the expected number of days required (maximum 20 days) and applicable daily rate, and a portfolio of work and/or CV should be submitted to admin.nbo@naturaljustice.org no later than close of business on 22nd September 2022. 

The offer must include the following elements: 

  1. A technical proposal containing: Explanatory note on understanding the ToRs, a brief presentation of the methodological approach and work plan, and a detailed CV with at least 3 references. 
  1. A financial proposal. The financial proposal must be submitted, indicating the proposed number of days, daily rate and denominated in Kenya Shillings (KSh). 

Based on this initial discussion, we will brief the chosen consultant and develop binding terms of reference with the consultant. The expected output is a model climate change law that is well articulated.  

Closing Date

22 September 2022

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