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Terms of Reference: Scoping new areas and various stakeholders and the initiatives in Nigeria

Background and Rationale

Natural Justice is an organisation rooted in the struggles of communities in Africa. As a team of pioneering lawyers and legal experts, we specialise in human rights and environmental law in pursuit of social and environmental justice.

Natural Justice strives to enhance the collective rights of people and protect the sacred relationships that indigenous peoples and local communities have with nature. Our work is informed by the values, knowledge and self-determination of the communities whom we stand in solidarity with. Through legal empowerment, research, policy influencing and litigation, and as part of coalitions and campaigns, we support communities to know the law, use the law and shape the law. Natural Justice has three main pillars: Affirming and Securing Rights to Lands, Resources and Knowledge; Defending Rights against Environmental and Social Impacts; and Standing with Communities.

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NJ, in the framework of the implementation of the Dutch POWER OF VOICE Programme, in partnership with other civil society organisations including PACJA, Oxfam Novib, FEMNET and AYC, has been awarded a grant to implement the African Activists for Climate Justice (AACJ) project which covers 8 countries across the African continent.  The project has five components, three of which focus on strengthening the human rights framework, particularly environmental and related rights.

Also within the framework of the implementation of the project, it is planned to extend the activities of Natural Justice to Nigeria. To this end, for a better intervention, it is imperative to have a good knowledge of the country as well as a good analysis of the various stakeholders and the initiatives in progress in order to avoid on the one hand a duplication of interventions and on the other hand to see the possible synergies with other organizations already active.

It is in this context that NJ is launching this call for proposals to recruit a consultant or a group of consultants to conduct the scoping mission.

Objectives of the Mission

General objective

The main objective of this mission is to identify the geographical areas of intervention of NJ and to draw up a profile of the needs and demands of the communities as well as the legal initiatives in progress to support the communities. 

Specific objectives

Specifically, it is about:

  • Identify geographical areas of potential interest to NJ and prioritize them on the basis of a matrix validated by NJ;
  • Identify and analyze the needs and demands of the communities in the study areas;
  • Identify the initiatives and dynamics underway to help communities assert and defend their rights;
  • Identify the actors and projects involved in the areas ;
  • Make recommendations for more effective intervention by NJ.

Key Expected Results

  • Geographic areas are identified and prioritized;
  • The demands and needs of the communities are analyzed;
  • Community dynamics as well as actors and projects are mapped.
  • Recommendations for better intervention by NJ are made.

Duration of the Mission

The mission is planned for a duration of thirty (30) working days, spread over two (2) months.


The consultant will submit the following deliverables:

  • a framework note for the mission, which sets out the methodological approach and procedure, the various phases and the key players to be met;
  • a mapping of the areas as well as the actors, projects and community dynamics;
  • a draft report integrating the demands and needs of the communities;
  • a final version incorporating the recommendations, opinions and suggestions of Natural Justice and the various stakeholders.

Profile required

The consultant should have the following profile:

  • Hold a higher academic degree (Bac +5) in environmental law, environmental policy, sustainable development or any other related field;
  • Have professional experience in conducting scoping studies and community dynamics in the field of law;
  • Have a good knowledge of environmental issues and problems, etc. ;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English;

Submission and bid package

Interested consultants should send an application package by 20 November 2021 at 5:00 p.m. to the following address:

The offer must include the following elements:

a). A technical proposal containing

  • Explanatory note on understanding the ToRs ;
  • Brief presentation of the methodological approach and work plan ;
  • Detailed CV with at least 3 references.

b). A financial proposal

The financial proposal must be submitted on the basis of the lump sum approach, and denominated in Euros.

In order to facilitate the comparison of financial offers, it is recommended that applicants provide a breakdown of this lump sum. Consultants should detail in their financial proposals the costs of transport, fees and any other expenses, taking into account the number of working days foreseen.

Closing Date

20 November 2021

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