ILC Africa and its members in DR Congo denounce the barbaric killings of Indigenous People in Ituri

By Natural Justice

Nairobi, 19 January 2021– The International Land Coalition in Africa condemns the killing of the indigenous Batwa/Pygmy people in the morning of 14 January, in the village of Masini, Ituri Province.

At least 46 men, women, children and the elderly are reported to have been massacred in the morning attack. The killings were claimed by ADF/NALU and other militia groups in the region. According to the sources on the ground—including survivors—approached by ILC members, the massacres were an attempt by the militia groups to control the area and its land, which is the ancestral territory of the Indigenous People of central Africa; Batwa, also known as ‘Pygmies’.

“Ethnic hatred can never be the answer to people’s social and political demands. The gruesome killings of these people and the desire to deprive them of their ancestral land is inacceptable; it is a violation of human rights,” said Audace Kubwimana, ILC Africa Regional Coordinator. Click here to read more

26 January 2021

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