Global Indigenous Movement in 2012

Intercontinental Cry, an independent, volunteer-run magazine dedicated to Indigenous Peoples, has released “Indigenous Struggles 2012: Dispatches from the Fourth World.” The report, which is described as an annual briefing on the global Indigenous movement, is based on Intercontinental Cry’s monthly “Underreported Struggles” reports.
The introduction marks the monumental advances made by the global Indigenous movement in 2012, noting “the Nasa’s expulsion of military personnel from their territory in Colombia, the group of villagers in India who enforced the destruction of Monsanto test crops, a dozen solid victories against the tar sands and associated pipelines, and let’s not forget the sudden appearance of #idlenomore in Canada and the equally sudden establishment of new Indigenous governments in Nigeria, Australia and West Papua.” It also notes some of the challenges and tragedies of 2012.
The introduction can be accessed here. The full report can be downloaded directly here. Follow Intercontinental Cry on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here.

11 January 2013

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