FPP Report: Indigenous Peoples and the Green Climate Fund


The Forest Peoples Programme and the Indigenous Peoples’ Network of Malaysia (JOAS) have drafted a technical briefing for Indigenous peoples, policy makers and support groups entitled Indigenous Peoples and the Green Climate Fund. The note seeks to offer background on and critically analyse the fund created to support global action on climate change at the 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, concluding that the “views and recommendations of Indigenous Peoples are not being taken fully into account.”

The briefing includes a section on understanding the Green Climate Fund (GCF), offering basic details to those just learning about the GCF as well as summaries of the latest updates. The briefing also considers the key challenges faced by Indigenous peoples in the development of the GCF and lists three recommendations with detailed justifications: 1) ensuring effective environmental and social safeguards and a rights-based approach to climate financing; 2) ensuring Indigenous peoples’ access to a dedicated fund for financing climate change actions; and, 3) ensuring Indigenous peoples’ full and effective participation in governance.

The full briefing can be downloaded here. Read more about the Forest Peoples Programme here, and follow them on Facebook here and on Twitter at @ForestPeoplesP.

28 August 2012

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