Forthcoming Book to Put ABS and REDD Under Microscope


Natural Justice is writing a book for release at the 9th Meeting of the Working Group on Access and Benefit Sharing called Rights-based Approaches to ABS and REDD: The Foundation of their Social and Environmental Integrity. The book argues that both ABS and REDD run the risk of further undermining the ways of life of communities whose knowledge, innovations and practices conserve and sustainably use natural resources and demonstrates that empowered communities can counter this tendency by adopting rights based approaches to either framework. It provides legislative updates on both incumbent laws and uses the example of the Bushbuckridge Traditional Healers’ bio-cultural community protocol (BCP) to illustrate the way communities can use BCPs to engage the law to secure conservation and customary use of natural resources.

For more information, see our Publications page.

16 February 2010


Traditional Knowledge and Benefit Sharing

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