Deconstructing Biocultural Diversity and Conservation

From April 25-26, Natural Justice attended a seminar on biocultural diversity and conservation in Sabah, Malaysia. It is the first of three seminars and part of an interactive course designed by the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and funded by the Darwin Initiative UK. This seminar,¬†facilitated by Dr. Rajindra Puri (University of Kent), was entitled “Reframing Our Ecology: Concepts and Debates for Research and Advocacy in Human-Environment Relationships”. Drawing on a selection of recent academic literature and case studies from around the world, participants explored concepts and methods of biocultural diversity; community-based conservation; protected areas; and poverty and conservation. Community researchers from Ulu Papar and Bundu Tuhan also presented on their experiences and activities over the past several years, which have included a range of participatory research and communication techniques such as demographic surveys, mapping, video, and photography. The next seminar will be held in June.

27 April 2011

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