Critical REDD Documentary from The Mending News



The Mending News, a news source that seeks to ‘mend’ current issues, has released a scathing critique of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) entitled “Exposing REDD: The False Climate Solution.” The documentary seeks to highlight the risk that REDD will not reduce deforestation and will merely enable more pollution while decreasing the land tenure security of communities in the ‘global south’, especially Indigenous communities.
The documentary includes an interview with Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network. Mr Goldtooth argues in the film that the issue with carbon trading is that “(b)efore you can trade anything, and treat anything as a commodity, you have to determine who owns that. So who owns the carbon, the air, whether it’s in the trees, in the soil, in the plants, in the air? Whose property right is that? As Indigenous Peoples you know we, many of us embrace the cosmo-vision, the spirituality, the sacred relationship that we hold dear to who we are, especially our relationship to the sacredness of Mother Earth.”
The film can be accessed here. A transcript of the film can be found hereNatural Justice is currently exploring with a range of partners how to ensure the REDD-related funds and mechanisms can support Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ ongoing efforts to protect and conserve their forests according to their own terms, plans and priorities. Natural Justice’s e-module for communities potentially affected by REDD can be accessed here.

5 November 2012

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