Communities Legal Petition and Mass Action Against Port

On the 24th of January the communities of Lamu held a demonstration and press conference in protest against the Government of Kenya’s plans to develop a major port in their territories without consulting and involving the communities in the process. The proposed port will have massive impacts upon the livelihoods of the Lamu communities and the incredibly rich biodiversity in the region. On the 25th of January, the communities will be filing a legal petition in the Kenyan courts to stop the construction of the port construction. The petition will argue that without adequate information, proper consultation and a credible environment impact assessment the construction contravenes a number of international and national laws. Natural Justice is currently supporting the communities of Lamu in their calls for information and participation in the process and development of a biocultural community protocol (BCP).

Information regarding these activities can be found here. For further information, please read the press statement, letter to the President of Kenya and profile of Save Lamu, the umbrella group of the communities of Lamu.

25 January 2012

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