Call for contributions for the forthcoming book “Indigenous Perspectives on Living with Sacred Heritage (2016)”

A forthcoming book aims to amplify Indigenous custodians voices in a publication entitled “Indigenous Perspectives on Living with Sacred Heritage (2016)”.

The book will look to the notion of a sacred site as defined by its indigenous custodians. The primary interest of the volume is to provide a platform for indigenous custodians to explain how they view and treat the sacred through a written account that is available to a global audience.

The volume seeks contributions that provide examples of indigenous sacred sites governance and management, with each example treated as a separate chapter. The goal is to highlight indigenous approaches and present concerns regarding sacred natural site management. The prefereance is to encourage indigenous authors, but all voices that further the proposed goals of the book are invited.

Authors should indicate their expression of interest by 30 June 2016. Please seethe Sacred Natural Sites page here for more details.

2 March 2016

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