Belo Monte Construction Allowed to Resume

The $13 billion Belo Monte mega dam is under construction again in the heart of the Amazon as the Brazilian Supreme Court has provisionally overturned a Regional Federal Tribunal’s ruling that construction should be stopped. According to the Supreme Court’s website, the ruling of Judge President Britto may be reviewed once the court conducts a “more detailed analysis of the merit of the case.”

The government supported the decision, stating it prevents “major and irreparable damage to the economy, to public property and to the country’s energy policy.” Amazon Watch’s Executive Director, Atossa Soltani, stated “this unfortunate decision doesn’t invalidate the Tribunal’s judgment that the project is unconstitutional.” The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office is expected to appeal the decision and demand a review by a full bench of the Supreme Court.

Read this earlier blog post for more context. Learn more about Amazon Watch’s opposition to the dam’s construction here. Read more from Indian Country Today, the BBC, the Washington Post, and Reuters.

30 August 2012

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