Our Work

Our Work

Natural Justice works on a variety of issues relating the conservation of biodiversity and the wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and local communities. We work on common property resources, community conservation, access and benefit sharing, biotrade, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), and farmers’ and livestock keepers’ rights. We also work across levels:

  • On legal empowerment with specific communities as well as within regional initiatives,
  • Providing advice to (sub-)national government agencies,
  • In partnership with others at multilateral environmental, intellectual property, and human rights processes to develop laws that support the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in ways commensurate with the values of Indigenous peoples and local communities,
  • Providing technical advice to a range of organizations, and
  • Contributing to a campaign against biopiracy.

Working with communities informs our other areas of work, which in turn give us clear insights into contemporary legal developments and an understanding of how to support communities to better engage at the international and (sub-)national levels.

For more information about our most recent work, please download the chronological review of 2011.


Biocultural Community Protocols for Livestock Keepers (LIFE Network, LPP, and LPPS, 2010)
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Endogenous Development Magazine
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Bio-cultural Community Protocols: A Community Approach to Ensuring the Integrity of Environmental Law and Policy (Natural Justice and UNEP, 2009)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators (Natural Justice, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating Stewardship, Asserting Rights, Affirming Responsibilities
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Biodiversity and Culture: Exploring community protocols, rights and consent (IIED Participatory Learning and Action 65, 2012)
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating and Asserting Stewardship (Moving Images & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Rooibos Robbery: A Story of Bioprospecting in South Africa (Steps Southern Africa, 2012)
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Maldhari Biocultural Community Protocol Photo Story (Sahjeevan & Natural Justice, 2012)
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Latest Publication

Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators
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Images from our work in Africa, Asia, and the Americas
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