Sabrina Nick

International Fellow: Kenya

Sabrina joins Natural Justice as an international fellow in the Nairobi Hub for 3 months.

After having studied Swiss and International Law in four languages, Sabrina received her Master of Law at the University of Bern in Summer 2019. Before finishing her master, she paused her studies for an Academic Traineeship at the Swiss Federal Office for Environment in the International Affairs Division. This work experience led her to analyze and interpret an Article of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) under the aspects of international environmental law in her master thesis.

She has been expressing her passion for the environment in several volunteer work. Since 2015 Sabrina is a member of the network Viva con Agua, using creative and joyful activities to raise awareness for the global issue of water sanitation and hygiene and therewith raising funds for water projects. Recently she became a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law. Also, she is co-leader of the Environment, Energy and Transportation program of Foraus (Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy), generating independent high-quality recommendations for Swiss foreign policy decision-makers and the public, bridging between academia and politics.

Sabrina has a passion for the interface of international environmental law, politics, culture, and humans.