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Maxwel Omondi Obong’o

Research Fellow: Kenya

Maxwel joined Natural Justice in August 2019 as a Research Fellow.

Having a background in applied statistics with computing, Maxwel contributes to background research, data management, and analysis of different environmental justice projects.

He has five years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques, big data analytics and research methodologies with excellent report writing skills.

Maxwel believes in the sustainable use of natural resources and fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens and therefore, enjoys contributing skills in coming up with frameworks that protect and empower those likely to be affected negatively by environmental injustices. He is also passionate about machine learning.

Prior to joining NJ, he worked with various consultancy firms as a data specialist conducting research in arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya. He contributed in coming up with models for providing education to children in arid and semi-arid lands and children with special needs.


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