Job Morris

Indigenous Fellow: South Africa and Botswana

Job Morris was born in 1986 in Botswana of district of Ghanzi in a village called D’Kar. His vision and inspiration finds itself in the struggle of his people as a minority in the country. While his home has a major effect on his work, he has experience of working regionally and internationally with Organizations and individuals who pursue the same agenda of development that he holds strongly.

Morris is a strong advocate of social justice, indigenous people’s movement, San youth, education and general issues that concern the San. He is a hands-on, inquiry-based academic and development practitioner.

He has years of experience in development practice and has transitioned to become an academic as well. He holds a Bachelor of Education and several other human rights qualifications that prepares him to be a good representative for his people and particularly the youth. His main area of research interest is indigenous peoples human rights and leadership patterns that shape their everyday life.