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Emmaqulate Kemunto Morang’a

Legal Fellow

Emmaqulate joined Natural Justice in October 2020 as an Environmental Justice Legal Fellow in the Nairobi Hub where she works across programmes, but particularly undertakes research, prepares briefs, pleadings, and submissions on climate change and environmental justice litigation, and reviews jurisprudence on environmental justice issues.

Emmaqulate holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Moi University. She is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Certified Professional Mediator. She is currently pursuing a Master of Laws degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Law at the University of Nairobi. She is writing a LLM thesis on Environmental Justice and Human Rights for Sustainable Development in Kenya, where she seeks to understand and analyze the extent to which Kenya has incorporated human rights and the principles of environmental justice into its economic development and natural resource exploitation agenda. She has a keen interest in the human rights and environmental protection side of national and international investments in natural resource exploitation. She aims to advocate for environmental justice and human rights in natural resource exploitation and management.

Emmaqulate has prior and vast experience in conveyancing and property law, which has expanded her knowledge on the land laws and regulations in Kenya and the connected challenges in access to and ownership of land as a natural resource. She currently is a volunteer member of the Legal Aid and Public Interest Litigation Committee of the Law Society of Kenya, Nairobi Branch, where she hopes to have a positive contribution towards public interest litigation in Kenya.

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