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Abiud Onyach

Communications Officer

Abiud Onyach is a Communications Officer for Natural Justice, based in Kenya.

Abiud is responsible for creating messaging, developing stories and providing content for Natural Justice’s communications platforms. He will also be spending some of his time working with Natural Justice’s partner organisation, DeCOALonize.

Abiud is a trained journalist with an extensive career as a media trainer. He is a creative communicator; enjoys using photos, videos and graphical representation of data to break down otherwise complex stories. He enjoys brainstorming and implementing digital strategies that help in messaging.

Having worked with a Parliamentary Monitoring Organisation (PMO), he has developed a keen interest in the Bills before Parliament and written a number of provocative blog pieces on interesting or controversial pieces of legislation as a resident blogger for He also regularly writes op-eds for local newspapers and magazines . He’s currently perfecting his skills in animation.

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