Document Reveals Gas Company Plans for Manú National Park


A new document reveals Pluspetrol interests in the gas reserves of Manú National Park in the Peruvian Amazon. Unesco considers the  park’s biodiversity to exceed that of any other place on Earth. The national park is also home to Indigenous peoples with no regular contact with outsiders. The document is entitled “Research Plan for Geological Exploration and Surface Geochemistry in the Manú National Park and its Buffer Zone” and was produced by the consultancy Quartz Services on request by Pluspetrol.
The document acknowledges that Peruvian law prohibits extractive operations in national parks. However, the document suggests that Quartz could “contribute not only to the continuation of activities in Lot 88 (a gas concession already existent), but also to the development of the Manú National Park protected area.”
Read more about the document in The Guardian here.

13 February 2013


Extractives and Infrastructure

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