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Natural Justice’s mission is to facilitate the full and effective participation of Indigenous peoples and local communities in the development and implementation of laws and policies related to the conservation and customary uses of biodiversity and the protection of associated cultural heritage. As part of this mission, Natural Justice undertakes research to explore the effects of and interplay between international and national law, judgements and institutions in relation to Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ ways of life. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for several reasons, for example, in order to improve and reform how such laws are developed, implemented and monitored.

Natural Justice also seeks to support Indigenous peoples and local communities to engage actively with the law and legal processes. Although there is a large body of rights relevant to Indigenous peoples and local communities, it is diffuse, situation-specific, and dependant upon the legal weight of particular legal instruments. Therefore, it is not enough to identify the existing body of rights. Guidance on how to access, understand and utilize rights in practice is also necessary.

This section includes our work on national, regional and international legal reviewsThe Living Convention, e-learning modules on key legal frameworks for Indigenous peoples and local communities, and legal submissions to various fora.

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